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Chronic Disease

Chronic disease is a broad term for any disease or condition that lasts one year or longer and requires ongoing medical attention or limits a person’s daily life. Some of the most common chronic diseases include heart disease, cancer and diabetes. 

Impact of Chronic Disease

Chronic diseases affect nearly half of all U.S. adults. In the U.S., 70 percent of all deaths are due to chronic disease. In Canada, the figure is 89 percent. Three conditions – cancer, heart disease and stroke – account for about half of these deaths.

Addressing Chronic Disease

Learning how to address chronic illnesses and make informed health decisions is key to managing chronic disease and living a healthier life. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing symptoms of chronic disease, as each disease needs to be addressed individually with the help of a doctor. By modifying certain risk factors, such as a lack of physical activity, poor nutrition, tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption, LIUNA members and their families can prevent or lessen the negative effects of certain chronic diseases.

Fund Resources & Services
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  • The Health Promotion Division coordinates health fairs for LIUNA members and their families to identify health risks and alert attendees to health problems that may otherwise go undetected.
  • The Health Promotion Division works with LIUNA health and welfare funds to revise and update existing benefits as well as implement new benefits. Members are encouraged to contact their health and welfare fund or Local Union for detailed coverage information.
  • The LHSFNA, in partnership with Express Scripts, Inc., provides pharmacy benefit services to LIUNA health and welfare funds through the LaboreRx Coalition. Through this partnership, the LHSFNA continues to lower costs for LIUNA members and health and welfare funds while ensuring access to high-quality care.
  • The LHSFNA, in partnership with the Union Labor Life Insurance Company (Ullico), offers a medical stop loss insurance program to LIUNA health and welfare funds as financial protection against catastrophic health costs.