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Workplace Violence

Workplace violence affects millions of workers in the U.S. and Canada each year. Workplace violence is any threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation or other threatening or disruptive behavior that occurs on the job, including sexual harassment and bullying.

Impact of Workplace Violence

All workers, regardless of industry, have the potential to be affected by workplace violence. In addition to injuries caused by physical violence, workers may experience numerous other physical and mental health effects. These include increased stress and anxiety, depression and lower self-esteem.

Addressing Workplace Violence

Addressing workplace violence on the job starts with treating it like any other serious workplace hazard. That means planning ahead, training workers and empowering workers to speak up when there’s a problem. Employers that don’t take steps to reduce and stop harassment, bullying and other types of workplace violence are likely to see increased absenteeism, reduced productivity and lower morale overall. The pervasive threat of workplace violence can also be a safety risk, as workers may be unable to concentrate or devote their full attention to the task at hand.

Fund Resources & Services
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  • Workplace violence policy review. The Fund reviews and provides feedback on existing workplace violence policies and assists in the development of these policies.
  • Employee handbook review. A well-written code of conduct informs employees of the behavior expected while they are employed by the organization. The Fund can provide sample code of conduct language or review existing language.