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Personal Health & Wellbeing

Our health is typically discussed in terms of the absence or presence of disease or illness, whereas the term well-being takes a more holistic view. In a broad sense, well-being is defined as the state of being comfortable, happy and healthy. The concept includes all areas of life – our environment, finances, occupation, emotions, intellect, physical and spiritual health.

Impact of Personal Health & Well-Being

Health and well-being are fundamental to our overall happiness and functioning. Having a strong sense of health and well-being has been shown to reduce risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke and sleeping problems as well as increase productivity and creativity both at work and off the job.

Addressing Personal Health & Well-Being

The long-term health of Laborers and their families is tied to many factors, including decisions and behaviors that take place off the job. Employers can help support employee well-being by providing education and resources on how to lead a holistically healthy life, as well as by providing programs and benefits that promote healthy living (e.g., health fairs, wellness benefits and incentives and employee assistance programs).

Fund Resources & Services
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  • To support and maintain the health of all LIUNA members and their families, the Fund provides resources on topics that include financial wellness, stress management, regular health screenings, practicing self-care and many other topics.
  • The Health Promotion Division coordinates health fairs for LIUNA members and their families to improve awareness of health and well-being, identify health risks and alert attendees to health problems that may otherwise go undetected.
  • The Fund can help LIUNA signatory contractors and other LIUNA affiliates develop and launch their own Wellness Champion Network to increase member participation and engagement in safety, health and wellness initiatives.