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Creating a Wellness Champion Network

What is a wellness champion network?

A wellness champion network is a group of members who work to improve the wellness of the workplace, worksite and organization overall. The network connects with all levels of management and workers to positively influence the overall culture of the workplace by promoting and advocating for a healthier, safer and holistically well workforce.

Why have a wellness champion network?

Many LIUNA members taking part in an event hosted by the Philadelphia Laborers’ District Council Health & Safety Fund thanks to the group’s wellness champion network.

Research shows people are influenced by the health status and behaviors of their friends, family and coworkers. Seeking out champions for health, safety and well-being throughout the organization who lead by example has the power to impact the overall culture of the work environment.

The purpose of a wellness champion network is to increase awareness of health, safety and well-being as well as encourage involvement in activities, programs and services that motivate and empower workers to take actions that strengthen their health, safety and well-being.

The Health Promotion Division can work with you to create a wellness champion network at your Regional Office, District Council, Local Union, jobsite or other LIUNA entity. For more information, contact Emily Smith, Health Promotion Manager.