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Fund Services Solve Problems

Are you bidding this year on a major project that will require submission of a clear, written company safety program?

Are you planning a health fair for Laborers and their families, one that conducts health screenings and provides immediate results?

Do you want stimulating posters for your union hall or training center or focused health & safety-related handouts to include in your employees’ pay envelopes?

Could your worksite use a second opinion on its safety and health status? Do you have a particular onsite concern that troubles you, your staff or your workforce?

Sensing rising distress among your plan participants, do you want to establish a Member Assistance Program? Do you want to enhance communications and share health information through a regular wellness newsletter?

These are examples of the many specific needs that the Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund of North America can help address. The Fund exists to improve job safety and health for Laborers, to promote wellness among Laborers and their families and to provide LIUNA signatory employers with a competitive edge.

The Fund’s three divisions – Research, Health Promotion and Occupational Safety and Health – each contribute in a different way, bringing expertise, professionalism and a commitment to labor-management collaboration to your specific situation.

All are here to help you. Take advantage by planning ahead. Call 202-628-5465.

Fund’s Posters Coming in Spanish

Although all of the Fund’s health alerts and many of its brochures and pamphlets are available in Spanish, its posters are not. Now, the posters are being translated, and they soon will directly address the growing number of LIUNA members who are primarily Spanish-speakers. When the new posters are ready – we expect this spring – they’ll be announced here in LIFELINES.

Sharing Information You Need More Effectively

The LHSFNA is a storehouse of valuable information on virtually every health or safety topic of interest to Laborers, local unions, signatory employers and health and welfare funds. To make that information easier to access, more enjoyable to read and easier to download, we are redesigning our website. The new site will be up and running this spring. Along with the new site will come a new communications program designed to provide readers with ways to follow our work through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Not only will this program enhance our output and outreach to you, it will allow us to network more broadly among LIUNA-affiliated organizations while encouraging more input and feedback from you and others in the field.

High-Tech Safety Program for Signatory Contractors

Every contractor is unique and evolving. Codifying a company safety program and keeping it up to date is a challenge, even when a contractor’s safety practice is sound and well-established. The Fund’s professional staff has always helped participating signatory employers put together safety programs that meet OSHA standards and fulfill the bid requirements of owners and general contractors. Later this year, a new online tool will assist and simplify this task. After some thoughtful planning, a few clicks from your keyboard will allow you to create, update and print company- or site-specific safety programs for every purpose.

Planning is a Key to Wellness

It’s a sad fact that most plan participants do not take advantage of the annual, free health check-ups that most LIUNA H&W funds provide. This can be costly for the fund and, most importantly, for each Laborer or family member. Early detection is the key to effective treatment. To spur health consciousness the LHSFNA can help you plan a health fair, arranging for nurses to conduct health screenings. The results – available immediately – often uncover health issues that require attention. The fairs are also an occasion to distribute information about nutrition, fitness, tobacco cessation, stress management, substance abuse and the full array of workplace hazards as well. Plan early to ensure strong support and maximum mobilization. Call the Health Promotion Division for assistance.

New Construction Industry Digests

For the first time in almost a decade, OSHA has thoroughly revised and updated its Construction Industry Digest. Using OSHA standards as its framework, the Digest summarizes requirements in all aspects of construction work. As in the past, the LHSFNA has added some complimentary material in the front of the Digest and printed copies for distribution at no cost to interested Fund participants.

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