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LHSFNA Health Fairs: Good for Laborers and Signatory Contractors

Most people wish there was more time in a day,” says LIUNA General Secretary Treasurer and LHSFNA Labor Co-Chairman Armand E. Sabitoni. “Between work, family and other time commitments, it is easy to understand how taking care of one’s own health can go by the wayside.

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LIUNA General Secretary-Treasurer and LHSFNA Labor Co-Chairman Armand E. Sabitoni

As a result, common, and potentially serious health conditions such as high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes can go undetected or unaddressed until serious complications arise.

Moreover, it is well-known that, when workers are in good health, they are more likely to be productive and make a greater positive contribution to the job at hand.

In an effort to address health and wellness, the LHSFNA coordinates health fairs for LIUNA and signatory contractor sponsored events. Attendees are able to take advantage of on-site basic health screenings (blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol), assess their wellbeing and receive guidance and education from a medical professional.

“With a busy work schedule and family obligations, members may not visit their doctor or a health professional until they have symptoms or get sick,” says Sabitoni. “Health fairs bring basic screenings directly to our members.”

When detected early, common health conditions and illnesses such as high blood pressure and diabetes can often be managed with changes in lifestyle and medication. This keeps Laborers on the on the job instead of home sick. It also holds down costs for LIUNA’s health and welfare funds.

The LHSFNA’s Health Promotion Division will arrange to have medical professionals at your next event. Fill out the HealthScreening Event Request Form. Additional information is available on the LHSFNA’s website. You can also call the Fund’s Health Promotion Division at 202-628-5465.

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