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Message from the Co-Chairmen: Laborers are Rising Across North America

Under the leadership of Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) General President Brent Booker and General Secretary-Treasurer Michael F. Sabitoni, LIUNA is on a march to grow to a million members strong. As part of that goal, LIUNA launched Laborers Rising, a program to get members actively involved in their LIUNA Locals, make a difference in their communities and build worker power in both local and national elections. 

In union halls and on jobsites across the U.S. and Canada, longtime members and LIUNA apprentices alike are signing up to volunteer, standing up at town hall meetings and rising up to voice their support for LIUNA and its signatory partners. These members are learning more about LIUNA’s rich history, choosing where to get engaged and finding out that being a LIUNA member means much more than a great career.

Laborers Rising is mobilizing thousands of LIUNA members because when it comes to the issues that matter most, nothing cuts through the noise like worker-to-worker conversations. And Laborers Rising is arming our LIUNA Brothers and Sisters with the tools and knowledge they need to have those tough conversations. From discussions with non-union workers about the benefits of joining a union to persuading fellow union members who may be considering voting against their own interests, Laborers Rising is creating a grassroots network of volunteer activists that will power the organization for years to come. 

LIUNA District Councils, Local Unions, signatory contractors and other LIUNA affiliates can also use the Laborers Rising program as an opportunity to discuss the critical importance of safety and health on and off the job. The Laborers’ Health & Safety Fund of North America (LHSFNA) knows that strong labor standards create more than better pay and health benefits on construction projects – they also create safer working conditions that have a very real impact on workers’ lives. By fostering connections and conversations between members, Laborers Rising can also help create a sense of belonging that makes members feel valued and encourages them to speak up if they have safety concerns, are experiencing mental health challenges or see a LIUNA Brother or Sister in need. 

Across the organization, LIUNA affiliates have already mobilized thousands of members under the Laborers Rising banner, and thousands more will soon join the call. Then no one will be able to miss the life-changing impact that LIUNA, its members and its signatory partners are having in communities, cities, states and provinces across the U.S. and Canada. Community groups, elected officials, project owners and others are just starting to hear the Laborers Rising message, and it’s only going to get louder.

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