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Message from the Co-Chairmen: Biden Administration Keeps Delivering Health & Safety Wins

We are still a year away from the next presidential election here in the U.S., but the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) has already endorsed President Biden and Vice President Harris for re-election in 2024. Since that endorsement, President Biden and his administration have continued an unmatched track record of delivering victory after victory for the working men and women of LIUNA, the labor movement and all working class Americans.

We just saw the two year anniversary of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, a piece of legislation that’s already transforming all areas of our infrastructure and creating hundreds of thousands of good union jobs in the process. To date, it’s already led to 40,000 projects announced in 4,500 communities across the U.S. For any other President or administration, that would be enough, but it hasn’t stopped there.

As we know at the Laborers’ Health & Safety Fund of North America (LHSFNA), those projects must also be completed safely and in an environment where workers can raise concerns if they arise. That’s why LIUNA and the LHSFNA were proud to see the confirmation of Jessica Looman, a card-carrying LIUNA member, as Administrator of the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division. Her efforts also helped set the stage for the agency’s historic update to its Davis-Bacon prevailing wages rules, which will protect construction workers’ wages and ensure a fair bidding environment for contractors.

Next, the Department of Labor announced $98 million in funding for pre-apprenticeship programs in high-demand industries, including construction and healthcare. This step shows an administration that understands the connection between training and skilled, safe construction workers, health care workers and other essential workers. The Biden-Harris White House has talked proudly about the central role that unions are playing in developing and training the workers needed to grow our economy and its communities.

Last but not least, under the Biden administration, we’ve seen a shift to a National Labor Relations Board that actually supports workers’ rights and contractors that treat workers fairly. This was made clear in the NLRB’s joint-employer ruling in October, which reaffirmed that employers can’t use subcontractors or staffing agencies as a way to evade their duty to provide safe working conditions or negotiate with workers. Common sense NLRB decisions like this one help ensure that workers can exercise their rights to organize, and when they do, they will sit down at the bargaining table with the employer that actually controls the conditions where they work.

Lately, it seems barely a month can go by without positive news from the Biden administration that directly impacts LIUNA members, the safety and health of working people and the labor movement overall. It’s victories like these that make it easy to back the Biden-Harris administration for a second term starting in 2024.

On behalf of the LHSFNA and its Board of joint labor-management trustees, we’d like to wish a joyful, safe and healthy holiday season to the entire LIUNA family across the U.S. and Canada.

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