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The LHSFNA and Inside Rx: Prescription Drug Discount Card Program for the Uninsured and Underinsured

The Laborers’ Health & Safety Fund of North America (LHSFNA) has been working closely with Express Scripts to bring another health service, the Inside Rx prescription drug discount card, to LIUNA members and their families. Express Scripts has been associated with the LHSFNA since 2002 and is the pharmacy benefit manager for the LaboreRx coalition. Twenty-one LIUNA health and welfare funds currently participate in the LaboreRx coalition.

The Inside Rx prescription drug discount card program is intended to assist LIUNA members and their families who find themselves without healthcare coverage. Regardless of the reason, we know that over the course of their careers, some members will find themselves without healthcare coverage for some period of time. This can be an incredibly stressful, and potentially expensive, situation for those members and their families. The Inside Rx prescription drug discount card will allow participants to save an average of 40 percent on featured, brand-name medications and as much as 95 percent on generic medications. Participants can access medications from one of 40,000 participating pharmacies, which may also include home delivery.

The Inside Rx drug discount card program will be available to any individual who chooses to participate in the program. Participation will be as simple as signing up for a discount card online. No personal identifying information is collected when joining the program or when using the prescription drug discount card benefit. LIUNA members will also be able to share Inside Rx prescription drug discount card benefits with friends and extended family who are uninsured or underinsured.

There is no cost to participate in prescription discount card programs. Express Scripts, and other companies that offer similar programs, are paid by participating pharmacies and prescription drug manufacturers. Express Scripts does own pharmacies within the Inside Rx pharmacy network and collects payment for prescriptions; however, participants do not have to use an Express Scripts pharmacy.

Although Inside Rx offers generous savings, members with prescription drug coverage through a health insurance plan, such as one of LIUNA’s health and welfare plans, are financially better off using their plan coverage for medications. LIUNA members who may currently be out of eligibility for a LIUNA health and welfare fund, such as retirees who are not yet 65, apprentices or COBRA participants, are those most likely to benefit from the Inside Rx program.

The LHSFNA isn’t receiving any financial compensation for offering the Inside Rx prescription drug discount card program or for its use. Our March issue of Lifelines will share more details on how LIUNA members and their families can participate in this program, including where to sign up for and download a card on the Fund’s website.

The Fund’s Health Promotion Division focuses primarily on promoting and improving the general health and wellness of Laborers and their family members on and off the job. For more information, call 202-628-5465.

[Matthew Brown is the LHSFNA’s Health & Welfare Specialist.]

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