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The Top 10 LHSFNA Articles of 2016

In case you missed them, here are 10 of the LHSFNA’s most popular articles over the last year. Many of the issues discussed below continue to affect the safety and health of LIUNA members and their families and will be monitored closely by the Fund in 2017 and beyond.

  1. Why “Right-to-Work” Is Wrong for Safety

Half of the states in the U.S. now have so-called “right-to-work” laws. Workers in these states earn less on average, suffer 54 percent more injuries than workers in right-to-prosper states and tend to have poorer overall health. Right-to-work isn’t just about wages – it’s also about worker health and safety.

  1. Getting to Know OSHA’s New Silica Standard

Enforcement for OSHA’s new silica standard goes into effect in June of 2017, and many LIUNA signatory contractors are already taking steps to bring their sites into compliance and protect workers. Our August article, Answering Your Questions on the New Silica Standard, is also a good resource for signatory contractors looking to familiarize themselves with the rule.

  1. Anticipating the Impact of OSHA’s New Recordkeeping Rule on Post-Accident Drug Testing

OSHA’s new recordkeeping rule addresses practices that could deter employees from reporting on-the-job injuries. These provisions may affect employers’ post-accident drug testing policies. The Fund encourages LIUNA signatory contractors to review these policies and contact the Health Promotion Division with any questions.

  1. Solving the Work Zone Intrusion Problem

Public intrusions into highway work zones continue to cause serious injuries and fatalities to Laborers on job sites across the U.S. and Canada. With infrastructure spending likely to ramp up in 2017, now is the time to learn about ways to prevent this deadly hazard.

  1. Skin Cancer: Blind to Your Skin Color

Although people with darker complexions don’t get skin cancer as often as those with fairer skin, it’s often much more serious by the time it’s diagnosed. This article details the importance of taking daily precautions to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays regardless of your skin tone.

  1. Protecting Workers During All Aspects of a Fall

Preventing falls from happening in the first place is the best way to ensure construction laborers stay safe on the job. With proper planning, employers can also take steps to ensure that if a fall does occur, workers will survive it with minimal harm and get rescued quickly and safely.

  1. Workplace Injuries Affect Families for Years

Even after an on-the-job injury heals, emotional and financial difficulties often cause hardships for workers and their families. Medical bills and treatment for chronic conditions can deplete savings, dragging middle-class families into poverty. This article shows how an injury can reach beyond the jobsite to affect workers and their families, business owners and taxpayers.

  1. How Long Does It Take to Get Out of Shape?

Have you been less active than usual over the holidays? Physical inactivity quickly leads to changes in the body’s level of strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Find out how long it’ll take you to get back on track!

  1. Pros and Cons Aside, Marijuana Use Disorder Is Real

Despite growing acceptance among the public and increases in legalization at the state level for recreational and/or medical use, marijuana is still known to cause many negative health effects. When discussing the pros and cons of marijuana use, be sure to include these facts in the conversation.

  1. The Facts About Zika

In 2016, Zika went from a little-known virus to a public health crisis in Latin America and Puerto Rico. The disease thankfully hasn’t had the same impact in the U.S., but it continues to spread and is an issue worth watching, especially as temperatures warm in the spring and mosquitoes return in greater numbers.

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