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Wrapping Up Our Series on Wellness

After two and a half years, the Journey to a Healthier You series is coming to a close. Since its inception in January of 2016, this series has defined the eight dimensions of wellness – physical, social, intellectual, emotional, mental, financial, vocation and spiritual. Many of the topics we’ve covered, from enriching your mind to living in harmony to practicing self-care as a caregiver, may have required you to step outside of your comfort zone or consider a new way of thinking about your life. The series also tried to help answer questions like, “How much should I exercise?,” “What is your state of mind?” and “What is your meaning and purpose?

While this series was a departure from many of the usual health promotion and occupational safety and health topics we often cover in Lifelines, we hope that it encouraged you to think about your own health and wellness in new and different ways, and that your personal sense of wellness has increased as a result.

Fund’s Toolbox Talk Initiative Includes Key Health & Wellness Topics

Short safety toolbox talks are one of the best ways to reach workers about safety practices and procedures. The LHSFNA’s toolbox talk series is specifically designed to make it easy to give toolbox talks on your site. These short publications are meant to be read aloud to a group of workers and include sample discussion questions and a place for workers to sign off that they received the information.

Toolbox talks often relate directly to specific hazards workers are about to encounter on the jobsite. The Fund’s toolbox talk series also mixes in health and wellness issues that are of particular relevance to LIUNA members. Current topics include:

  • Skin cancer prevention
  • Tobacco cessation
  • Heart disease prevention
  • Stress management

To see all the topics currently available or to order, visit and click on Publications, then select Toolbox Talks. For more information on how the LHSFNA can help you create a toolbox talk schedule specific to your needs, call the Fund’s Occupational Safety & Health Division at 202-628-5465.

[Emily Smith is the Health Promotion Division’s Senior Benefit & Wellness Specialist.]

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